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Euston Street Primary School, Belfast



We have a fantastic staff working tirelessly for our pupils.

Board of Governors

Mr M Young (Chairperson)

Mrs H Myles

Mr S Mathiesen

Mrs Phillips

Mrs Sloan

Mr Shivers 

Mrs Rainey (Teacher Representative)

Teaching Staff

Mr John Armstrong (Principal)

Year 7: Mr C Fulton (Vice Principal, Designated Child Protection Teacher)

Year 7: Miss E Millar (School Eco Club/Digital Leaders)

Year 6: Mrs Toye

Year 6: Mr G Murray (ICT Coordinator)

Year 5: Miss Laidlaw (School Buddies/Horizon Group)

Year 5: Mrs T McNeill (TSPC Coordinator) 

Year 4: Miss C Bruce (ICT/WAU Coordinator)

Year 4: Mrs Whitten/Mrs J McDonald (Library Coordinator/WAU Coordinator)

Year 3: Mrs Kee / Mrs Bothwell 

Year 3: Mrs R McKeown (Learning Support Coordinator/Music Coordinator)

Year 2: Mrs P Harper (PE Coordinator) / Mrs K Todd (Literacy Coordinator/Choir)

Year 2: Mrs K Templeton (Numeracy Coordinator/ PDMU Coordinator) / Mrs S Devlin 

Year 1: Mrs Rainey (Head of Foundation & Key Stage 1/Numeracy Coordinator/PDMU Coordinator)

Year 1: Mrs Gillespie (Newcomer Coordinator)

Head of Nursery : Mrs S McKersie (Art & Design/WAU Co-ordinator)

Nursery: Mrs T Santos (RE Coordinator)

Engage Support: Mrs McBride

Learning Support: Miss R Matthews (Accelerated Learning)

Learning Support/Newcomer Support: Mrs J Hayes


Support Staff

Mrs Vincent (Secretary - temp)

Mr D Sloan (Building Supervisor)

Classroom Assistants

Mrs S Moore

Mrs A Allen

Miss N Causby

Mrs S Pearce

Mrs A Krawczyk

Mrs N Vincent

Mrs S Gordon

Mrs M Baillie

Mrs K Killops

Mrs Z Grande 

Mrs P Roberts

Miss L Lavery

Mrs Nicholson (Temp)

Miss N Shaw

Mrs P Gillies

Mrs Smyth (temp)

Mrs Robb (temp)

Parent Co-ordinator

Mrs K Killops

Ancillary Staff

Mrs A Greer

Mrs P McKee

Mrs N Regan

Mrs M Foster

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants  

Mrs M Foster

Mrs K Killops    

Mrs Robb (temp) 


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