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Euston Street Primary School, Belfast
PARENT TEACHER MEETINGS Please be mindful. All this week school will be ending for all pupils at 1:15pm. Pupils will be provided lunch in school. Please make necessary arrangements ahead of time for pupil collections as uncollected pupils may have an impact on teacher's ability to meet parents, it can also be stressful for the children.Many thanks | ONLINE PAYMENTS SET UP A note has been sent home detailing requirements for setting up online payments with eduspot. Please return note to school as soon as possible. For any further information and support please see school website. Once activated we will not be operating a separate payment system in school. Many thanks
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We have a fantastic staff working tirelessly for our pupils.

Board of Governors

Mr M Young (Chairperson)

Mr K Kennedy

Mrs C Kyle

Mr B Murphy

Mr S Quinn

Mrs H Myles

Mr S Roberts

Mr S Mathieson

Mrs Rainey (Teacher Representative)


Teaching Staff

Mr John Armstrong (Principal)

Year 7: Mr C Fulton (Vice Principal, Designated Child Protection Teacher)

Year 7: Miss E Millar (School Eco Club/Digital Leaders)

Year 6: Mrs Toye

Year 6: Mr G Murray (ICT Coordinator)

Year 5: Miss Laidlaw (School Buddies/Horizon Group)

Year 5: Mrs Templeton (Numeracy Coordinator/ PDMU Coordinator)

Year 4: Miss C Bruce (ICT/WAU Coordinator)

Year 4: Mrs Whitten/Mrs J McDonald (Library Coordinator/WAU Coordinator)

Year 3: Mrs Kee / Mrs Bothwell 

Year 3: Mrs R McKeown (Learning Support Coordinator/Music Coordinator)

Year 2: Mrs P Harper (PE Coordinator) & Mrs K Todd (Literacy Coordinator/Choir)

Year 2: Mrs T McNeill (TSPC Coordinator)

Year 1: Mrs Rainey (Head of Foundation & Key Stage 1/Numeracy Coordinator/PDMU Coordinator)

Year 1: Mrs Gillespie (Newcomer Coordinator)

Head of Nursery : Mrs S McKersie (Art & Design/WAU Co-ordinator)

Nursery: Mrs T Santos (RE Coordinator)

Learning Support: Miss R Matthews (Accelerated Learning)

Learning Support/Newcomer Support: Mrs J Hayes


Support Staff

Mrs F Miskimmin (Secretary)

Mr D Sloan (Building Supervisor)

Classroom Assistants

Mrs S Moore

Mrs A Allen

Miss N Causby

Mrs S Pearce

Mrs A Krawczyk

Mrs N Vincent

Mrs S Gordon

Mrs M Baillie

Mrs K Killops

Mrs K Jones

Mrs P Roberts

Miss L Lavery

Miss A Bickerstaff

Mrs P Bacon

Miss N Shaw

Mrs P Gillies

Mrs Craig

Parent Co-ordinator

Mrs K Killops

Ancillary Staff

Mrs A Greer

Mrs P McKee

Mrs N Regan

Mrs M Foster

Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants  

Mrs M Foster

Mrs K Killops    

Mrs Sloan (Temp)

Mrs Robb (temp)