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Euston Street Primary School, Belfast


  • All adults – teaching staff, support staff and volunteers in Euston Street Primary School & Nursery Unit accept that they have a primary responsibility for the care, welfare and safety of our pupils.
  • No concern about the welfare of any child will be ignored by staff in Euston Street Primary School & Nursery Unit. Children’s safety and feeling secure and happy in their environment is of paramount importance and it is embedded in the ethos of the school.
  • Euston Street Primary School & Nursery Unit   recognises the importance of a partnership between home and school but where issues of child abuse or suspected child abuse arise, our first and only responsibility is to the child.
  • As part of our on-going work in the area of Child Protection we will endeavour to raise children's awareness about themselves and to develop a trusting climate in which our children feel able to talk and share their thoughts and feelings.

Chair of Governors:                    Mr Young

Principal:                                      Mr Armstrong

Designated Governors for        

Child Protection & E safety :        Mr Young & Mr Shivers

Designated Teacher for

Child Protection:                            Mrs McKeown

Deputy Designated Teacher        Mr Armstrong

Deputy Designated Teacher        Mrs Santos 

Deputy Designated Teacher        Mrs Rainey    



All staff at Euston Street Primary School & Nursery Unit will ensure that all children are aware of who they can talk to if they are sad, worried, being bullied or have any other concerns.

The Department of Education of Northern Ireland requires all those working in education to co-operate fully with Social Services and other agencies to protect children. It is therefore our duty to refer if there is a concern about any form of abuse. The policy and short policy show the procedures we are required to follow as described in The Department of Education for Northern Ireland publication circular 2017/04 Safeguarding in schools and ‘Pastoral Care in School s— Child Protection(99/10)’.

Thank you

If you have any concerns please contact Mrs McKeown in school on 02890457089