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Euston Street Primary School, Belfast


Welcome to Euston Street Primary School's summer learning and support page. Everyone has worked extremely hard over the last few months and it is vital that we continue to keep our momentum through the summer months. 

The following resources are being provided completely free of charge by the school in order to help our pupils develop and thrive moving on to their next academic year. 

Resources to support parents are being made available through specially developed pages on the EA website. These can be accessed at

Mathematics Mastery


Mathematics Mastery is a fantastic learning tool that is available to all pupils in the school from every year group. You do not need to log in or sign up, you just need to follow the instructions below or watch the instructional video. 



This website contains resources from Early Years through to Year 7.

Simply click on the appropriate resources for your child's year group, the example below shows the resources organised into 9 weekly blocks, this is more than enough to cover the whole of the summer holidays.  


IXL Learning Support (Year 6)

IXL Learning Support is being used additionally to push forward the progress of our Year 6 pupils as this is such an important time for their learning. 

Follow the instructions bellow to get signed in and watch the instructional video to get ready for your summer learning. 


If you are in Year 6 your IXL username and password has already been sent to your Seesaw. 


Google IXL learning or follow this link to get to the log in page. 


Once there enter your username and password at the top of the page and you will log in. Watch the video to the right to see how it works once you are logged in! 


Check out the instructional video below that will demonstrate using the link to the website and how to navigate to find your child's correct year group and learning content.