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Euston Street Primary School, Belfast

What is Eduspot Schoolmoney?

Eduspot Schoolmoney is an online payment method that can be accessed on any smartphone or computer. 

Other schools in the area and across NI are now using these systems, so let's keep up and make your life easier. 

Notes have been sent home from school explaining how Schoolmoney will be used for all monetary transactions from the 6th January 2020. This will Include dinner money, trip money, milk money, swimming money and any other payments needing to be made to the school. We will be a cash-free environment. 

Once activated we will not be operating a separate payment system in school.


Concerns and extra info

I wish to remind you that this is a totally secure system use by schools across NI and in the UK include Strandtown Primary School and most schools in Bangor. I use it as a parent with Strandtown PS and it is safe, quick and hassle free! It is not online banking! It simply works much the same way as when any purchase is made online with the likes of Amazon or Tescos. 


How to set up Schoolmoney

You must provide the school with the slip attached to the note sent home. On this you will provide the name of your pupil or pupils, what class year they are in, a parents's phone number and email address. All these details are essential to process your account. 

Once the school has received your details we will provide you with a password to use along with your email address and phone number to log into your Schoolmoney account on the Schoolmoney website. 

To log into Schoolmoney, visit the website and click on the SIGN IN button in the top right hand corner. In the drop down menu select Schoolmoney Parent Login. This will led you to the page where you enter your mobile number, email address, the password you will be provided by us and your child's first name.