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Euston Street Primary School, Belfast

Return to School Updates

Good morning to all our school community

I hope that you all remain well and safe.

As you know your child is due to return to school on Tuesday 1st September (Nursery & Year 1 have different times to begin with.)

We are very excited to see everyone back in school, so that they can see their friends and, in time, catch up where they left off!

The Year 7 pupils have been brilliant this week and have all enjoyed being back in school!

Restart arrangements

Please see previous emails for start and finish times, drop off arrangements, staggered starting times and new school routines.

I would like to remind parents to prepare their children for frequent hand washing, regular toileting, one way systems and distancing from staff and other pupils not in their class. Remember pupils are in class bubbles until we are told otherwise.

Year 7s should continue to come through the front door next week. Year 2 & 3 by their bottom door and Years 4 - 6 by their normal back door.

Parents must wait on white dots in the playground or outside the school fence for drop off and pick up.

Parents for pupils in Years 1 - 3 must collect children from school. Parents of pupils in Years 4 - 7 must communicate arrangements with their child. If your child tells us that they are permitted to walk they will be allowed to unless you write/phone to tell us about changes in collection. Parents remain legally responsible for their child's pick up arrangements. Please communicate arrangements with your child. Any pupils in Years 4 - 7 not collected and not walking home will be brought to wait at the school office and parents will be contacted.


There are only meals provided for FSM next week in the form of a packed lunch. Paid hot lunches are available from 6th September and must be paid for on schoolmoney at Eduspot. Pupils will be eating lunches in their own classrooms. If you need details on payment please contact school. Please see the website for further menu details. If you have recently applied for a FSM Please make sure you have received confirmation from the Education Authority that you are entitled to a meal, otherwise you should provide a disposable packed lunch.

Access to school

Parents will not be permitted to enter school unless previously agreed with the principal (nursery & Year 1 parents will be permitted in as part of their induction days).

Please do not send your child to school if they are unwell, anyone in the household has displayed symptoms, been tested, or tested positive for Covid-19!

Concerns & Questions

I understand that you or your child may be feeling anxious about school restart. This is completely understandable.

As I have explained in previous emails, we are taking all precautions to keep everyone as safe as we can but it takes us all to be sensible and follow the rules in school and in public to make sure we remain safe.

If you think it would be of help, complete the parent questionnaire attached or phone/email school with any concerns or questions that you might have. You will need to email returns to and the information will be forwarded to the class teacher.


Please make sure that your children return to school as they have missed enough. Attendance is key to their wellbeing, restoration and learning!

Attendance H.E.R.O. (Here, Everyday, Ready, On time)

I want to try and reassure you that we will look after and care for your children as we normally do.

Schools being open is an unknown for us all but if we are all careful and respect the rules we will help keep everyone safe and your children will get the rich experience of school life that they have been desperately missing over the last number of months.

We can achieve this together. We are trusting you, please trust us that we will do our very best in all situations.

Thank you.

John Armstrong, staff and governors


Returning to School further details

Year 7 pupils only week 24th August

Pupils will be in school each day from 9 am to 2 pm. Pupils should arrive at their normal gate which will be open from 8:45 am. Pupils must bring a disposable packed lunch and be in full uniform (no free meals available). Pupils must be on time. If pupils are late due to an appointment etc. they may use the front entrance. Parents of pupils who are persistently late to school will be contacted for support and a reduced timetable may be put in place to reduce the risk posed to others in school.

Start and finish times

Please see below for start and finish times from Tuesday 1st September.

Please be aware that these times are flexible and may change in coming weeks depending on advice from the Education Authority.

Year Group

Start Time

Monday - Friday

Finish Time

Monday - Thursday

Finish Time




separate email


Separate email


Separate email



separate email


separate email


Separate email


8:45 am

1:45 pm

1:45 pm


8:50 am

2:45 pm Mon & Tuesday

1:45 pm Wed - Friday

1:45 pm


8:45 am

2:45 pm

1:45 pm


8:50 am

2:45 pm

1:45 pm


8:55 am

2:45 pm

1:45 pm


9:00 am

2:45 pm

1:45 pm

Nursery and Years 2 & 3 will use their normal door. Years 4 – 7 will use their normal door. Year 1 will be using the other entrance/exit in the lower playground.

Drop off and pick up

School gates will be opened at 8:45 am each morning. Please make note of the pick-up times in the table above. Parents should use the most suitable gate for their child as they will not be permitted to walk through the playground. Please avoid congestion at the school gates in the mornings and respect social distancing at all times. Cars should not be parked on the yellow zig zags or on the pavement near the school gates. Number plates of cars causing obstruction may be passed on to ensure that our pupils are kept safe. Parents coming into the playground must remain in the white boxes and social distancing white spots. Pupils who are being collected must be collected on time. It will be very distressing for pupils returning after 7 months to be collected late. Pupils who are persistently late may be put on a reduced timetable to reduce the risk posed to others in school. Parents will not be permitted in school at present (except Nursery & Year 1). Please phone the school instead.

One way systems and signs

Please speak to your children about a one-way walking system that will be used in school corridors (staying on the left). Staff will explain to the pupils in detail once they arrive. There will be signs up in each classroom, corridor and toilet area to remind pupils to wash their hands and respect distancing. These new routines will be explained in detail with pupils on their return. Each class has a designated line up area in the playground to help reduce the spread of infection and maintain the class ‘bubbles’. Pupils will be asked to use these in the mornings if they are early.

Pastoral Care

We are very excited about seeing all our pupils again. Please be assured that we will take great care of them once they return to school. We will also take time to help them recover from the extended time away. Please read the ‘We Care for You – Steps to Recovery’ leaflet attached and on the school website for more information. It explains how in the first weeks back to school, your child will be given lots of opportunity to reconnect relationships, share experiences (if they wish to), learn routines, wash hands and go to the toilet as well as revising learning from last year. Due to the 'bubbles' they will no longer spend the first few days with their previous teacher as planned.

Extended school activities and PE

To reduce the risk of spreading infection there will be no extended school activities including Breakfast Club until further notice. There will be no PE in school for the same reasons. Pupils will get daily exercise and fresh air in the school playground. To reduce the need for First Aid, playground running and games will be restricted until further notice. Please speak to your child about the reasons for these changes.

Steps to Recovery

Reopen, Reconnect, Restore routines, Reignite the love of learning, revise learning, recover!

Learning and curriculum restrictions

As pupils have missed a considerable amount of time at school due to lockdown, it is most important that we make sure that they catch up any learning forgotten or missed from last year as quickly as is possible before moving them on to new topics and skills.

To achieve this, staff will be mostly teaching numeracy and literacy for a period of weeks, until we feel the pupils are ready to move on. I hope as parents, you understand how important this is and support us as we want to make sure that your children feel confident and successful when school starts back. Please continue to use the summer revision lists sent home and available on the school website, the Numeracy Passport (on website homepage) and Bug Club reading programme to reinforce important basics with your children. Remember anything you do with them to encourage learning is better than nothing. Other schools will be pushing hard and we want to lead the way as our brilliant pupils deserve our best efforts to help them fulfil their potential.

If you have any questions or concerns about this please get in contact.

Teachers will also being providing time each day for pupils to engage with friends and staff and have opportunity to participate in personal development and wellbeing activities. This is to ensure that they start to reconnect relationships and grow in confidence. For some pupils this will happen quickly and for others it may take a little longer, so please be patient, we will get there.

Daily Routines

Pupils will be coming into school as explained in the email yesterday. Once in school they will wash their hands in their classroom. They will be sitting in rows to avoid face to face contact. They will have break (healthy snack Monday - Thursday) and lunch in their classrooms. They will get some time outside each day for exercise and fresh air. They will visit the toilet as a class 3 times daily. Please encourage them to go to the toilet during these times as we must try and restrict movement and mixing as much as possible. Teachers will continue to provide the high quality learning as normal although they will be distancing form pupils. Pupils will still be working in books and using technology in their class 'bubbles' as normal. Once in the room most things should feel the same.

Please remember to be on time each morning and collect your children promptly in the afternoon as it will be helpful to your child's wellbeing and the school staff.


Given the length of time pupils have been away from school attendance is more important than ever! We want attendance HEROs - Here, Everyday, Ready and On Time! Please, please do not disadvantage your child even further by having them miss school unnecessarily.


Behaviour & Citizenship In order to have the best possible start back to school I have asked that parents speak to their children about hygiene, social distancing and new routines etc. so that they are ready for their return to school. We have great pupils in ESPS but I should add that it is expected that pupils will follow all rules to best protect everyone in our school community. Pupils should not deliberately and repeatedly ignore the rules and routines nor deliberately spit or cough as this will be unacceptable behaviour and puts others at risk.   I would like to remind parents that no pupil should be sent to school if unwell or if they are displaying symptoms of COVID-19. Parents will not be permitted into school at present but please contact us as outlined above.   We are very much looking forward to seeing everyone from 1st September (Year 7 on 24th). If you have any concerns or queries please contact school. Thank you. John Armstrong, staff and governors.   

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