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Euston Street Primary School, Belfast


Welcome to our AQE preparation and support page. 

Here you will find any and all information in relation to the AQE application process along with supporting resources to help prepare your child for the process. 

Some of the resources provided will cost a small amount of money to access but this will be well worth your while if you are able to afford, the majority of these resources however are available through the links free of charge. 

Please make good use of these resources at home as this is a highly effective way to ensure your child meets their full potential. 


Working at home

Working at home is essential for a successful AQE campaign. 

Pupils should be focusing heavily on practicing their times tables every single day, looking through their numeracy and literacy revision booklets every single day and remaining familiar with their mechanical maths. Schofield & Sims mental maths is also a great wat to discuss your child's learning and ensure that any gaps in knowledge are identified as early as possible. 

Please look carefully at the resources provided and make good use of them with your child. 

Any further support needed can be directed to Mr Murray at is any further assistance is required. 



Practice Papers

Your child will be practicing very hard in school for the AQE exam and will be completing many practice papers as a part of this process. If you wish to further develop their familiarity with these tests, or reinforce prior learning you may want to introduce additional practice papers to their preparation. The following links will provide you with various options, some free of charge and some paid services. 

The Transfer Test 

Learning Together 

Stirling Tuition 


ESPS Numeracy and Literacy Revision Booklets

These revision booklets are a great starting point for getting an idea of all the topics that your child will need to become highly proficient in. These can be viewed on the website or downloaded and printed. Copies of these booklets are also available from your pupil's teacher. 

Corbett Maths

Corbett Maths is an excellent resource that provides video tutorials along with examples of questions that you can download. This is a very comprehensive bank of resources designed specifically to target AQE progression. Daily Practice Videos Worksheets Quizzes 



BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize provides a wide range of supporting materials with literacy and numeracy. This resource also provides additional activities to be completed on the computer focusing on all fo the key numeracy and literacy areas for development.